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What's Going On? October 2021
by Rex Morgan on September 29th, 2021
We are blessed to send the light of God’s word into the homes of people tuning-in to “La Voz Alegre” radio program.  Many have written us, thanking us for the variety of life changing messages broadcast every day.  When we think of who our radio program reaches, we tend to think first of Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, and the Caribbean.  But, we are blessed to have responses from places much farther a...  Read More
The Happy Voice, La Voz Alegre
by Rex Morgan on June 29th, 2021
We all want to share the wonderful things Jesus has done in our lives. And with technology, sharing our faith is easy to do. We can even share in Español! So easy to do:1.     Download the free App: 2.     Listen and watch messages that meet our friends interest to learn more about Jesus. 3.     “I have decided” button gives people many options to enroll in free Bible studies like ...  Read More
The Happy Voice, La Voz Alegre
by Rex Morgan on June 1st, 2021
Venezuela and Colombia, countries in the news and on our hearts. For a longtime we have thought of Colombia as a dangerous place, as we have known missionary families that were forced to evacuate for safety reasons. Today however, Colombia has made a turnaround with improvements in safety and economics. It  has become a haven of sorts for our friends in Cuba seeking medical attention. It is a coun...  Read More
What's Going On? May 2021
by Rex Morgan on April 30th, 2021
...  Read More